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Retail Roundup - Top Retail Stories - September 2018

Updated: Oct 1, 2018

From Nike to Amazon to new store concepts, here are the big stories everyone was talking about.

Hot Topics

Nike’s big gamble – risky, brilliant or a nothing burger?

Nike got everyone’s attention with their campaign for the 30th anniversary of the “Just Do It” tagline. Featuring controversial football player-racial justice advocate, Colin Kaepernick, the ad definitely got people’s attention. The ad was polarizing – either you loved it or started burning your Nikes. Nike’s stock dipped, but quickly recovered. What will be the long-term impact, if any?

The launch

The reaction

The reality

Amazon hits the big $1 TRILLION mark. What’s next?

Amazon became the 2nd company (after Apple) to pass the $1T mark in market cap. What’s next for the eCommerce giant? How long before they hit $2T? They made some provocative moves that have significant potential disruptive impact on new industries.

Retail Earnings

Following the parade of strong earnings in August, more retailers reported to the street. Value brands are excelling and big box specialty retailers are up against a wall to innovate.

Comings and Goings

Some interesting new concepts and digital brands making forays into brick & mortar, while tech brands are accelerating growth.

More retail real estate will be available soon…but the river of closings seem to have shrunk to a stream.

What story was most impactful this month? What did I miss?

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