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Hear what Lauren's partners & professional network have to say about working with her:

"When we started our online retail business, we knew very little about marketing.   My partner and I read books and blogs and watched countless expert videos, but it was overwhelming. Lauren helped us get clear on our target customer, identify our competitive opportunities and hone a brand positioning.  She also helped us startup digital marketing campaigns and events, learning and optimizing as we went.   Our business continues to grow and Lauren continues to be a valued resource."  


"I had the privilege of working under Lauren’s leadership twice.   Lauren’s coaching style is to challenge you and make you think, all the while knowing that she has your back.   Lauren’s knowledge of the retail environment really helped me succeed in my career working in the local marketing department for a major retailer.   I routinely seek Lauren out to brainstorm or get her point of view and consider her one of my closest mentors.   She taught me the importance of making sure my voice was heard and many invaluable skills as a young woman rising in corporate America. I only hope I have the opportunity to work with Lauren again in the future."


"I had the pleasure to have Lauren work for me and also later in her career to have her be one of my peers.  When she joined my team, one of her first assignments was to determine what marketing levers actually worked on a local level.  We didn’t have any visibility as to what was working and what was not working locally.   The company was simply doing what they had always done.    Lauren quickly become an expert at testing new marketing vehicles & campaigns, as well as determining a plan for each store that would maximize our ROI.   In a short amount of time, she was promoted to manage the Local Marketing department for over 1500 stores.   She expertly coached & led her diverse team, which ranged from associates who were directly out of college to others with 20 years’ experience.  Because of her leadership and her ability to fuel growth for each individual on her team, many of them were given promotions in different areas of the company.  Due to her positive attitude, her team consistently had the strongest morale in the company even during stressful circumstances.  


I would recommend Lauren to any company that wanted to build or improve the performance of their local marketing capabilities."


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