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Retail Roundup - Top Retail Stories - October 2018

From Sears to the start of the holiday season, and my new favorite word "Phygital", here's what everyone was talking about this month.

Hot Topics

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Yes, I know today is Halloween. Looks like we're in for more treats than tricks this season. With the demise of Toys 'R Us, retailers are stepping up their game to capture holiday sales, Prediction is that Santa will be bringing a good holiday season to the retail industry.

Sears’ files for bankruptcy

Once the largest retailer, the troubled chain filed for bankruptcy. While no longer CEO, Eddie Lampert works to ensure that his investments through his hedge fund are completed. It will most likely be Sears' last holiday season.

JC Penney gets new CEO. Will it matter?

Jill Soltau, formerly of Joann’s Stores, will be taking the helm of the challenged retailer. The market liked the decision, with stocks rising approx. 10% on the news. Can she turn this ship around? -

Her strong merchandising background could help differentiate JCP from the pack. -

Let's get Phygital

Digital brands & physical stores continue to partner to bring a truly omni-present experience to customers.

Comings and Goings

Sam’s Club to open first cashier-less store, called “Sam’s Club Now”. These stores are 25% smaller than a traditional Sam’s & focus on grab & go items & popular consumables. -

Amazon is now a real player in brick & mortar, with over 600 locations -

Mattress Firm files bankruptcy and starts process of closing 200 stores -

What story was most impactful this month? What did I miss?

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