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Retail Roundup - Top Retail Stories - November 2018

It's all about holiday shopping this month..... Hot Topics Black Friday? Cyber Monday? Small Business Saturday? Words don’t matter as the holiday selling season is all month long The hype: You get free shipping, you get free shipping, EVERYONE GETS FREE SHIPPING – Amazon offers free shipping with no minimum for all shoppers & Target matches. High hopes for

Retail Roundup - Top Retail Stories - October 2018

From Sears to the start of the holiday season, and my new favorite word "Phygital", here's what everyone was talking about this month. Hot Topics It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas Yes, I know today is Halloween. Looks like we're in for more treats than tricks this season. With the demise of Toys 'R Us, retailers are stepping up their game to capture holiday sales, Prediction is that Santa will be bringing a good holiday season to the retail industry. NRF’s ear

Retail Roundup - Top Retail Stories - September 2018

From Nike to Amazon to new store concepts, here are the big stories everyone was talking about. Hot Topics Nike’s big gamble – risky, brilliant or a nothing burger? Nike got everyone’s attention with their campaign for the 30th anniversary of the “Just Do It” tagline. Featuring controversial football player-racial justice advocate, Colin Kaepernick, the ad definitely got people’s attention. The ad was polarizing – either you loved it or started burning your Nikes. Nike’s stoc

Retail Roundup - Top Retail Stories - July 2018

Every month, I’ll be recapping the biggest stories in retail that resonated with me, as well as recap who’s coming (opening, remodeling or expanding their presence) and who’s going (closing). Hot Topics Prime Day 2018 After a rocky start with website outages, Amazon announced 2018 Prime Day was their largest event ever, with over 100 million items sold. Prime Day also boosted the sales at other retailers, including Target. With Prime Day creating a shopping event that rivals

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