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Retail Roundup - Top Retail Stories - July 2018

Every month, I’ll be recapping the biggest stories in retail that resonated with me, as well as recap who’s coming (opening, remodeling or expanding their presence) and who’s going (closing).

Hot Topics

Prime Day 2018

After a rocky start with website outages, Amazon announced 2018 Prime Day was their largest event ever, with over 100 million items sold. Prime Day also boosted the sales at other retailers, including Target. With Prime Day creating a shopping event that rivals Black Friday in prominence, there are industry wide shifts taking place.

Capitalizing on Toys ‘R Us’s demise, retailers are seeing new opportunities

Toys ‘R Us officially closed in June. Retailers are strategically making investments to capitalize and win their market share.

Build-a-Bear “Pay Your Age” Promotion

“Pay Your Age” Day was either a resounding success or colossal failure, depending on your point of view . Lines were so long, customers were turned away with vouchers for another day. However, every media outlet was talking about it, so they definitely got attention.

Comings and Goings

What did I miss this month? Any retail news or trends super impactful to you? Next month, we'll have a review of Back to School, as well as whatever else happens. Feel free to leave suggestions in the comments.

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