Content Marketing - Why it's important for retailers to go all in

In an earlier blog post, I stated that customers are craving convenience and are flocking to retailers who add value to their shopping journey. What is value? Price? Discounts? Free shipping? While those are all part of the value equation, adding value is about really solving your customers’ problems, not just selling items at the lowest price. Consumers are savvier than ever before and literally have the world at their fingertips. They can get the answer to any question whe

6 Benefits of Local Partnerships That Can Make a Difference for Retailers

Think about the Friday night HS football game that the community rallies around. Or the annual 5K race through downtown. Or the local chamber of commerce who diligently promotes new businesses and network in your town. What do these have in common? At their core, they are community partners that can make or break any local retail store. Local marketing isn’t only for independent retailers. A sound local marketing strategy can help multi-unit retailers breakthrough the clut

Know Me! Help Me! How retailers can add value to their customers lives

In the first post in this series, I stated “Customers need retailers to be convenient or to add value to their lives.” Everyone knows what convenient means, but what does “add value” mean? Is it the lowest prices? Is it saving customers money on the things they buy the most? Is it having a loyalty program where you get coupons or rebates? While all of these things are part of value equation, alone they do not “add value” to shoppers’ lives. Adding value is about really solvi

I Want It Now! How Instant Gratification Is Now Tablestakes For Retailers

In the words of the legendary Veruca Salt “I don’t care how, I want it now!” Veruca, who has taught countless children the downfalls of instant gratification, would be amazed at today’s environment. She wants a golden goose? Daddy can have it delivered to her in short order. She wants to try to newest toys, makeup or clothes? She can order endless subscription boxes with new products delivered often. And she doesn’t have to fall down a garbage shoot to find what she’s lookin

Day One!

It’s here! The day I’m sharing my newest “baby” with the world. The day that my dream of being an entrepreneur comes true. The day I can start using my passion and talent to help others achieve their business goals. Announcing LSG Marketing Solutions, my consultancy designed to help drive retail sales on a local level. Please check out my website for the full suite of services. I will also be blogging about the retail industry and latest trends. Also, please follow me on soci