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Top Local Marketing Strategies to Drive Retail Sales

Updated: Oct 12, 2018

Regardless of the size of the retailer, having a local presence can pay dividends. Online behemoth Amazon, is moving into physical retail with bookstores, in-mall kiosks and Whole Foods. Digital native retailers like Warby Parker expect half of their revenues to come from their retail locations and announced they will expand their footprint and open 100 stores. Retailers who target and ingrain themselves in the local community can differentiate themselves from those that do not.

Throughout my career, I have concepted and executed local marketing plans for national retailers, regional chains and individual locations. Here are my top local marketing strategies to make the most of the trade area. Some of these are extremely high level, such as “maximize local digital presence”. I will dive deeper into specific strategies in the weeks ahead.

What local marketing tactics have caught your eye? Who is best-in-class in connecting with the local community?

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