Content Marketing - Why it's important for retailers to go all in

In an earlier blog post, I stated that customers are craving convenience and are flocking to retailers who add value to their shopping journey. What is value? Price? Discounts? Free shipping? While those are all part of the value equation, adding value is about really solving your customers’ problems, not just selling items at the lowest price. Consumers are savvier than ever before and literally have the world at their fingertips. They can get the answer to any question whe

6 Benefits of Local Partnerships That Can Make a Difference for Retailers

Think about the Friday night HS football game that the community rallies around. Or the annual 5K race through downtown. Or the local chamber of commerce who diligently promotes new businesses and network in your town. What do these have in common? At their core, they are community partners that can make or break any local retail store. Local marketing isn’t only for independent retailers. A sound local marketing strategy can help multi-unit retailers breakthrough the clut

6 Ways to Use Digital Marketing to Drive Retail Sales

There’s no other way to say it: We’re living in a digital world. And marketers are responding. In 2018, marketers are shifting their budgets towards digital marketing. According to eMarketer, digital media will make up 43.5% of all media spend this year and is projected to overtake traditional media channels by 2021. But how does that affect traditional retailers? Does digital really drive sales into stores? The short answer is YES! Creating an online presence for a physical